Welcome to the Kitchen Witch Corner

Welcome to Witchipedia's Kitchen Witch Corner

We have 321 pages of hearth and home goodness for the crafty Kitchen Witch.

Kitchen Witchery is a magical art akin to alchemy but also closely tied to folk magick. The Kitchen Witch uses materials at hand to craft magical spells that also double as delicious meals, home decor, bath products, clothing, jewelry and other everyday items. Kitchen Witches cook and craft with intention while being mindful of the natural properties of the materials they use. While many Kitchen Witches work on instinct, we also spend a great deal of time studying recipes and the magical, healing and nutritional properties of the foods we use.

Kitchen Witch Corner is a repository of knowledge, a collection of magical recipes (and suggestions for how to use them), techniques and information about the properties of the tools and magical food ingredients used by Kitchen Witches the world over to produce magical meals that resonate with the energy of their intention. It is our sincere hope that you will find this information useful and join the fun by submitting your own recipes!

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What's in Season?

Baked Rice Pudding
This is a favorite dessert, warm, comforting and wholesome.

Dried, grapes become a whole new experience.

Macaroni and Cheese
Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food.

Quick Witch Tips

What's Going On?

The Broom

A besom is a witch's broom and the practical kitchen witch may choose her broom for looks or function or both. Many of us have two or more brooms. One for sweeping dirt indoors, one for sweeping energy indoors or out and maybe another for sweeping outdoors. They may be handmade or mass produced.


Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and the element of Air. It is a masculine, positive fixed sign. The opposing sign is Leo. Aquarian energy is about coming together, being inclusive, bringing about change for change's sake. Big change. Aquarius hates the status quo. Aquarius energy is unpredictable with sudden flashes of brilliant insite. It is willing to cut all ties to make a fresh start. It is also about being self-sufficient and free, supporting individualism while working toward the betterment of mankind as a whole. Above all, Aquarian energy is about daring to be different.

Magical Cooking

Here are some tips for preparing a magical meal:

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Magickal Homemaking

Witchy Crafts

Just for Kids

Baby Butt Wipe Juice
Use this potion on wash clothes to clean baby's bottom at diaper change time instead of using harsh chemicals and disposable wipes.

Cinnamon Clay
This is a non-edible recipe for making a yummy-scented dough with which you can create charms, ornaments, and small altar pieces.

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