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What is Kitchen Witchery?

Kitchen Witchery is a magical art akin to alchemy but also closely tied to folk magick. The Kitchen Witch uses materials at hand to craft magical spells that also double as delicious meals, home decor, bath products, clothing, jewelry and other everyday items. Kitchen Witches cook and craft with intention while being mindful of the natural properties of the materials they use. While many Kitchen Witches work on instinct, we also spend a great deal of time studying recipes and the magical, healing and nutritional properties of the foods we use.

Kitchen Witch Corner is a repository of knowledge, a collection of magical recipes (and suggestions for how to use them), techniques and information about the properties of the tools and magical food ingredients used by Kitchen Witches the world over to produce magical meals that resonate with the energy of their intention. It is our sincere hope that you will find this information useful and join the fun by submitting your own recipes and joining the conversation in our forums!

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Featured Recipes

Just a few great recipes for your May Feast.


A Beltane tradition that's easy to make at home or over the campfire.

Beet Orange Salad

Here is a great salad for your spring Equinox brunch.

Dandelion Wine

Here's an old favorite for Midsummer.

Extra Hot Chocolate

A playful blend of male and female energies that will get your circulation going and may spark a bit of lust while it's at it.

Honey Cake

Honey cake is a Beltane tradition for many and a full moon tradition too.

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns are a traditional equinox favorite! No Ostara celebration would be complete without some. They are best hot as the name implies.

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