Kitchen Witchery is a magical art that combines folk magick and alchemy in an imminently practical way. A Kitchen Witch's main focus is, as might be expected, in the kitchen, where they might mix up a delicious meal, snack or dessert filled with magical intention and herbs, spices and other ingredients with corresponding energies. The magic of the Kitchen Witch tends to be positive drawing magick, for healing and the invitation of blessings into one's life, one's home and one's very person.

The Kitchen is, however, not just about food and many Kitchen Witches expand their focus to include practical household crafts, homemaking activities and gardening. These more expanded focuses are commonly given labels such as Hearth Witchery or Cottage Witchery and perhaps Kitchen Witch Corner could have easily have been named for one of these as we choose to address these broader activites as well- because they are, after all, so very interesting and, in truth, no witch has such a narrow focus as naming our path after a single room in the house might suggest.