Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, sensuality and all great passions. She is appropriately invited to any feast celebrating these thins and food is, of course, an appropriate offering to her.

I like to serve a dinner in Her honor on the evening of the New Moon in Taurus (April/Mayish). Following closely behind, the dancing, drumming and other festivities of Beltane may also be dedicated to Her. As a Kitchen Witch and a gardener, I love to bring Aphrodite's energy into my home through our senses through the fragrance and color of fresh cut flowers (or perfectly intact flowers wafting their fragrance through open windows on a balmy day) and sensual meals.

The garden is a wonderful place to celebrate Aphrodite and what better way to decorate Her outdoor (or indoor) altar than with plants that She holds sacred. rose and myrtle spring immediately to mind but any plant with a luxurious scent would be a pleasing addition to Aphrodite's garden. The anemone is sacred to her, as it first sprang from the blood of her lover.

Aphrodite reminds us that not only are many foods considered aphrodisiac, but food should be a sensual experience, from the kneading of bread to the juicy pop of a plump summer tomato as your teeth break the skin. Aphrodite says, love what you eat, eat what you love and bring all your senses to the table! She is a very appropriate tutelary Goddess for the sensual Kitchen Witch.

Aphrodite is especially associated with apples due to the story of the golden apple: Eris tossed an apple into the crowd of Goddesses with a note that said "for the fairest". Paris was selected to choose which Goddess got the apple, and he chose Aphrodite (really he was choosing the instrument of his doom… ) and as a reward he won the love of the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen, Queen of Sparta who was already married to a warlord, or rather the brother of a warlord, thus the Trojan war began.
Some modern scholars insist that the golden apple was in fact a quince.

One food to avoid when honoring Aphrodite is pork, as it was a wild boar that killed her beloved Adonis.

Some foods associated with Aphrodite:

(You may also wish to honor Aphrodite with foods associated with Her planet, Venus)

Menu for Aphrodite's Feast

toast points or Crackers with rose hip jelly, brie and strawberries or goose liver pate.

Creamy Seafood Bisque

Arugula and Fruit Salad with Almonds

Main course
Grilled Oysters or steamed mussels and grilled tomatoes
over Herb Butter Pasta
Fava beans with thyme
Asparagus bundles

Wine-steeped pears garnished with candied violets
served with chai