Prunus avium or Prunus serotina

Cherries were known to the ancient Greeks, Romans and Chinese. In Japan, cherry trees are much celebrated to this day with the cherry blossom festivals and viewing parties every spring. The brief and stunning appearance of the blossoms are said to represent the briefness and fragility of life.
Cherries were brought to the US in the 1600s. Most commercially grown cherries in the US today are grown in Michigan, Oregon and Washington.

Cherries are associated with sex, particularly when it is fun and playful.

When eating cherries, take a moment to reflect on life itself and the need to seize every moment.

Element(s): Water Air
Planet(s): Venus -
Zodiac Sign: - -
Season: Summer
Sabbat: -

Hebe, Aphrodite

Gender: Feminine
Chakra: -

sex, energy, potency, fertility, love, playfulness, creativity, divination

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