Beverages play as important a part in magical cooking as food does. Hot or cold, soothing or refreshing, every good Kitchen Witch knows that the proper application of beverage can have magical effects!

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Dandelion Punch If you're serving dandelion wine for your Midsummer gathering, be sure to also serve dandelion punch for the kids and teatotalers!

Dandelion Wine Here's an old favorite for Midsummer.

Extra Hot Chocolate A playful blend of male and female energies that will warm up a cold winter's night.

May Wine infused herbal wine for Spring and Summer

Mulled Cider This beverage is traditional at harvest gatherings and as a special treat when the kids come in from Trick or Treating on Halloween, or to warm up your hands sitting around the bonfire on Samhain.

Siima Sima is Finnish May wine

Spiced Milk Milk and honey together symbolize having all one needs to be comfortable in the world. This is a particularly soothing and comforting beverage.