While most folks don't serve dessert after every meal, it is often considered an important part of any celebration!

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Almond Fudge
Melt in your mouth almond delight - well worth the work.
Baked Custard
A simple recipe with simple ingredients and a big dose of old-fashioned goodness.
Baked Rice Pudding
This is a favorite dessert, warm, comforting and wholesome.
Basic Fruit Cobbler
This is a great (and easy) way to celebrate the bounty of the season.
Basic Pie Crust (With vegan option)
The start to any pie.
Buttery Bread and Fruit Pudding
Another tasty bread pudding recipe using fresh fruit.
Housewarming or New Marriage Blackberry Crumble Pie
This crumble pie is delicious, and very appropriate to give a new couple for a housewarming present, a newly married or engaged couple, or for new neighbors.
These tasty treats are a Yule tradition.
No-Bake Candy Yule Log
A sweet treat for Yuletide