A clever kitchen witch can make anything she needs just using the things in her pantry. The recipes listed here aren't for eating, but will help keep you and your home beautiful and clean with a little touch of magic.

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Baby Butt Wipe Juice

Use this potion on wash cloths to gently clean baby's bottom at diaper change time instead of using harsh chemicals and disposable wipes.

Cinnamon Clay

This is a non-edible recipe for making a yummy-scented dough with which you can create charms, ornaments, and small altar pieces.

Face Food

This delicious concoction is the perfect gently exfoliating cleanser for dealing with the harsh effects of winter on your skin.

Lavender and Honey Facial Scrub

an all natural way to help get rid of acne

Salt Scrub

Salt scrub is a wonderful, inexpensive alternative to soap for use every day or for those days when you want to pamper yourself. It cleans, exfoliates and moisturizes at once.

Vinegar of the 4 Thieves

Vinegar preparation for protection and pest removal

Willow water

Willow water is used as a rooting tonic, that is, a homemade rooting hormone. For plants, not people.