The idea of a kitchen witch stirring up a magical brew evokes images of some traditional tools of the craft, the pointy hat, the large cauldron, a big wooden spoon or other stirring device and, of course, a broom. Well, the modern kitchen witch has more options than our ancient forebears and you'll find quite a few differences in our toolkit and perhaps some similarities as well.

Caring for Cast Iron

As a Kitchen Witch I view my cast iron pans with slightly more affection than the rest. Oh I love my stainless steel pasta pot and my ceramic dutch oven but the cast iron holds a special place in my heart. Maybe it's because they, all of them from the frying pans to the dutch oven, can go from the stovetop to the oven to the campfire. Maybe it's because I know that Iron carries protective energy and that makes me feel good about using it to prepare food for my family. Maybe it's because cooking with cast iron makes my think of hags bent over bubbling cauldrons singing "bubble bubble toil and trouble" and that makes me giggles. Or maybe it's because cooking with a big heavy cast iron pan reminds me of cooking helping grandma in the kitchen and how she loved her big heavy cast iron pans (My mother still has the very ones, they last forever and become heirlooms!).

The Broom

A besom is a witch's broom and the practical kitchen witch may choose her broom for looks or function or both. Many of us have two or more brooms. One for sweeping dirt indoors, one for sweeping energy indoors or out and maybe another for sweeping outdoors. They may be handmade or mass produced.

The Cauldron

The Witches cauldron is the stuff of legend and indeed cauldrons feature in folklore from many cultures. While cauldrons haven't always been associated with witches (everyone had a cauldron back in the day) they have long been associated with abundance. Every good housewife throughout history was expected to be prepared to feed a guest or a hungry child or hard working husband on a moment's notice and the cauldron resting on the hearth was a potent symbol of this. The cauldron contains the stuff of life and symbolizes abundance, the womb, birth and rebirth.