Quick and Delicious Vegetable Fried Rice

Something I make on cold winter days for my family and friends to raise our spirits!

Preparation Time:


(for a large batch that serves 6)
6 cups water
3 cups rice
Vegetable bullion
1 Tbsp sesame or wok oil
2 eggs
Add as much as you want of the following:
diced onions
diced carrots


Bring water to a boil. Add vegetable bullion. Toss in your vegetables. Add rice. Let boil for about 20-25 minutes. When rice is done, in a skillet start scrambling your eggs with the sesame or wok oil. You do not want to put the rice in while the eggs are still runny, as they can coat the rice and make it weird and clumpy. Once eggs are firm, add rice (you usually do not need extra wok oil). Stir often until rice turns brown. Then enjoy! Great for a cold winter day.

Additional Comments:

I make this every time I have a large gathering of people over. There's nothing quite like friends bonding over delicious, homemade food.

This dish is best served on the following occasions:


Gathering of friends.

This dish carries energies for the following magical purposes:
Community, friendship, plenty in hard times.

Attribution: Experimenting while broke and with limited ingredients. Shared by anonymous

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